Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Alan Garrow presents the “Matthew Conflator Hypothesis”

It was one of the best papers I have ever heard (perhaps the best) and came as something of a shock to my system. Alan Garrow presented his “Matthew Conflator Hypothesis” at King’s University, in 2014, taking use of multimedia to a new level, filling what I had expected would be a rather dull paper with wit and brilliance. More importantly, he offered an extremely plausible solution to the Synoptic Problem, one I had never taught or even thought much about. I’m delighted that Alan has uploaded 5 videos here, explaining his hypothesis. If you don’t love these, you’re mad, certified, and should probably apologies to all trees everywhere that you are using the valuable oxygen they kindly produce.


Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Can't remember if I put this up before, but it's worthy of creating a doublette even if I did

Jim West posts…

the-person-the-pew-commentary-series“The Time Is Drawing Nigh…

For the commentary to appear in electronic format.  Logos wishes simply to have a few more interested souls pre-ordering before investing in the effort of electronicizing them”


If you enjoy his blog, you know what to do! Buy the crap out of it. Even if you can’t read.