Friday, September 25, 2009

Heroic little boy

The Onion can be rather erratic, but occasionally they come up with something really funny and profound.

"I want the blood"!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Deliverance of God – Doug Campbell’s new tome on justification in Paul

I reviewed Campbell's earlier book, The Quest for Paul's Gospel, here and the esteemed author was kind enough to engage my critiques in the comments section. In retrospect I wish I had pushed home the points I made in the post rather than raise different, and less cogent, matters in the subsequent discussion. But that is in the past.

In the past because Campbell's new tome, The Deliverance of God: An Apocalyptic Rereading of Justification in Paul (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2009), is now the definitive statement of his proposals, and in my opinion they are formulated in a far more convincing and penetrating fashion that in The Quest.

Not having finished the book yet I cannot write my final judgments, but his critique of Justification Theory (also summarised in The Quest) is quite breathtaking, and his analysis of the significance of Sander's and co is genius.

This is truly a groundbreaking and important book. I don't think I will ever read Paul the same way.

But to work through this book from beginning to end will require scheduling – it is over 1,000 pages. But it is deliciously provocative, a joy to read, filled with all manner of 'aha!' moments with many clever (nay, brilliant) twists. Of course, I may wish to tone down my enthusiasm as I read on, but I just had to say something now – cos it has me excited!

By the way, there is no foreword by Tom Wright, as in the book graphic on the Eerdmans site. I have read speculation (i.e. it may be untrue) that Wright agreed to write the foreword, but withdrew having realised the depth of his disagreement with Campbell's thesis. Wright does provide, at least, blurb on the back cover.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bauckham - Crossley debate

Some apologise for not blogging, which I find a bit odd - like apologising to your vicar for drinking apple juice instead of orange juice. I.e. unnecessary. Of course, I do feel I should apologise for all of the usual biblioblog pigswill you have had to tolerate in the absence of my insightful posting.

Truth is, I freeking love summer holidays. Slopped on the sandy shores in Corfu like a beached whale, surrounded by books, drinks, beautiful wife, and grinning like an idiot. That week's holiday was my high point anyway. And I've been enjoying all manner of brilliant books the whole summer. Most recently I've started into Doug Campbell's brilliant, deliciously provocative and important tome The Deliverance of God (thanks to the kind folk at Eerdmans for the review copy). More on that anon.

Anyway, a while ago Justin Brierley, of the Premier Radio show Unbelievable, e-mailed me to ask for suggested dialogue partners for Richard Bauckham on the question of Jesus and the eyewitnesses. One of the two names I suggested happily ended up on the show, namely James Crossley. Now available are both parts of the debate between Richard and James. Here is part 1, and here is part 2. Enjoy!