Monday, May 06, 2024

One hundred and eighty freekin seven!

I've been blogging on and (OK, usually) off for 19 years now. Fruitful years of public service bringing the best of cutting edge theological insights and reporting.

In particular, I remember my ground-breaking reporting 10 years ago today, when I directed your collective attention to the Rapture Ready Index

As I stated 10 years ago in the blog entitled "WARNING: Near record DEFCON rapture levels"

The webpage has all the details. (and surely it can be trusted cos it's a random webpage)

The R.I. was updated yesterday to a shocking 186!

I know, that’s what I thought! One hundred and eighty flippin six!

Dividing this by three angels and a golf club (31) makes this the even more sinister number 6. In other words, we are pushing the raptureometer into DEFCON asbestos underpants.

Well, ten years later, no doubt given their focus on things like 

  • the proliferation of liberalism ("the left has become fanatical in its opposition to Trump", they note), 
  • the kings of the east (do what?), 
  • and ecumenism (pure. evil.)
... the R.I. is now set - and you might want to put down your cup of tea to read this - at a shocking


Theologian, Chris Tilling, being raptured into heaven with a keyboard
So get your affairs in order, send that final email to loved ones, get your cats and dogs put into after the rapture pet care and see you the other side when we can finally enjoy the eschatological waterboarding of everyone else. 

If this is my last blog post, you know why.


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