Sunday, January 05, 2014

Real Recognition

"Wirkliches Erkennen ist nur nur möglich als liebendes Erkennen. Das gilt primär für die Beziehung zwischen Menschen, aber in analoger Weise auch für die Beziehung zu Tieren und Pflanzen und vielleicht sogar darüber hinaus" (Wilfried Härle, Dogmatik. 265)
But before you start declaring your love for plants and all things "darüber hinaus", just think: maybe trees don't want to be hugged.

Key Journals for New Testament Studies

Some of these journals have a wider concern than just “NT studies”, and not all of them are equally useful. But here are the ones I tend to consult for all NT research.

I took these pictures on my phone while at Tübingen library a few weeks ago! I would also add Anvil, in retrospect, especially as they are publishing a very thoughtful and helpful review of my book in the next edition! Oh, and JSPL, of course, JSPL!

Am I missing anything really essential?

Friday, January 03, 2014

What you really come to this blog for