Friday, September 20, 2019

Encountering the otherness of Barth, Part Two: Bible scholars read Romans 8-16

This is the second part of a short video series in which I present my paper, "Encountering the otherness of Barth: A New Testament scholar reads Der Römerbrief chapters 8-16".*

Instead of diving straight into the problems with Barth's commentary, I first establish what questions biblical scholars might seek to answer, thereby clarifying the contrast. So, in this video, I outline the kinds of concerns biblical scholars might have when reading Romans 8-16. I don't bother detailing everything, obviously, nor do I canvas all the hermeneutical possibilities.  But the video hopefully gives the gist of how commentary writers in the world of biblical studies might approach the text.

The next- and longest - video will showcase some of the problems biblical scholars may have with Barth's commentary.

The fourth will present some responses to these concerns and ask what Barth might teach contemporary biblical scholarship.

*It was delivered at the Barth Graduate Student Colloquium in August 2019 (


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