Thursday, February 09, 2012

Quick book review / notice

Okay, I have read enough of the new Edition Olms book, Fighting Chess with Magnus Carlsen, to realise that we are dealing with something really special here. Well done Adrian Mikhalchishin and Oleg Stetskio for producing a real gem! Just the right mixture of background information, analytical variations, and exclamatory prose within a game to make this a real delight, and not just for real chess experts, but also for the likes of me. And all of this on the best active chess player in the world.

Chess fans: buy this book

Here is one of my favourite early Carlsen games against the experienced Russian Grandmaster, Sergey Dolmatov. As White, Carlsen was only 13 years old and won in beautiful style (Mikhalchishin and Stetskio try to show that allowing Bc4 in the opening was the wrinkle which gave Carlsen the edge. But what a way to capitalise!).


Carlsen-Dolmatov, 2004


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