Sunday, December 02, 2007


My camera is playing up and won't allow me to transfer the pictures I took onto my computer. Hopefully all problems will be solved tomorrow. So for those of you waiting for Jim West pictures, fear not.

Jim, I can still be bought off (paypal will do me fine). You recent empty rhetoric on your blog won't help your cause - I still have the Zwingli thong picture that caused me to puke.


At 12/03/2007 2:41 AM, Anonymous Jim said...

Alas, brother, that photo may well catapult me into instant modeling fame so I fear it not.

But perhaps its a bit of divine justice that your camera is bungling them....


And don't forget- I have those photos of you at the Eerdmanian reception! Yes, paypal will work marvelously to keep those under cover.


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