Wednesday, November 14, 2007


We shall be leaving for America tomorrow, arriving in Washington DC Wednesday evening. After a (hopefully) good night's sleep at Anja's aunt's home, we shall drive down to our friends in Durham, North Carolina. Then, without much of a break, I'll be flying to San Diego for the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Conference.

In other words, I'll probably be a wreck by the time I finally put my bags down in the hotel. There are so many papers and discussions I am very much looking forward to, not to mention the book stalls (woo hoo!), but more than anything I look forward to meeting many of my blogging-related friends. If you recognise me among the crowds (I'll be the one handing out Chick Tracts about how Christ has defeated the kingdom of Bultmann) do come and say a 'hello' – it is always good to put a face to a name.

I hope to manage some blogging during my stay in San Diego, especially as I will be sharing a room with laptop bearing West. I hope to at least set up a live video feed blog once or twice ('West snoring', 'West after he has stubbed his toe', 'West after he realises I have scribbled out all the words in his new books' etc.) and perhaps also detail the amusing side of 'life too close to West'. I plan to have him hungrily reading Wright and speaking in tongues by the time we part company, so do pray for my success.

I also wanted to say a public thank you to Don and Dea Moffitt of Backus Books for their generous and kind donation that has made this trip possible. Danke!


At 11/14/2007 12:47 AM, Anonymous Fr Chris said...

Damn the luck -- I live in Durham, but I'm flying to Atlanta tomorrow.

Ah well, I'll buy you a beer some other time. ;-)

At 11/14/2007 2:14 AM, Anonymous Nick Norelli said...

Lord Tilling,

I've been in contact with the Spirit of Grace and during my time of intercessory prayer he spoke to me and told me that you had not purchased me any books because shipping from Germany was simply too rich for your blood at the time. The Spirit of Truth also spoke and said that now that you will be in the states and at a convention where books will be discounted, you can both afford to buy me a few books and ship them to me in New Jersey.


Ē ▪ kon ▪ de ▪ da ▪ bō ▪ shah ▪ ta

Ē ▪ kon ▪ de ▪ da ▪ bō ▪ shah ▪ tāy

Hī ▪ yah ▪ ka ▪ fa ▪ ba ▪ la ▪ shah ▪ ma ▪ mō ▪ sa ▪ tah

Ē ▪ yah ▪ da ▪ da ▪ dō ▪ ron dō ▪ shah ▪ ta ▪ fa ▪ ba ▪ la ▪ hāy

:::Interpretation of Tongues:::

Verily, Verily, I say unto thee... Thou shalt buyeth Nick many, many books at SBL, thus saith the Spirit of the Lord.


At 11/17/2007 5:07 AM, Anonymous ::aaron g:: said...

It was nice to meet you tonight Chris.

At 11/25/2007 3:39 AM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

FR Chris, will you attend Boston SBL?

Good to meet you too, Aaron! What a terrific time!

Nick, that is lame, so lame you need to buy ME a book!


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