Sunday, November 18, 2007

SBL update 1

What a great time I’m having here in San Diego. After a long and gruelling journey I checked in to my hotel and finally met Jim West in person (we are sharing a room). He is a frighteningly nice chap which is going to make the obligatory mean-spirited posts I will be posting about him in forthcoming days a little bit harder.

Or funnier.

Yea, just funnier, come to think about it.

Incidentally, the
West Exposé series will start very soon.

I have also had the pleasure of meeting many biblioblog and publishing house friends which has been a true delight. As for the book hall I feel tempted to use metaphors from the Song of Songs to express my feelings of excitement – but as that may get me in trouble with my wife, I won’t.

And Richard Bauckham treated me to a coffee after his panel session on Jesus and the Eyewitnesses. That was a highlight! I hope to organise the publication of the papers of the respondents, and Bauckham’s response to the criticisms, on this blog in due time.


At 11/18/2007 5:50 AM, Anonymous Peter Nathan said...

Good job then Chris, I wasa with the Gospel of Judas presentation and unable to attend the Bauckham presentations.

At 11/18/2007 7:54 PM, Anonymous Michael Barber said...


It was really great to shake your hand and talk to you in person for once!

I would LOVE it if you could get those papers. I think I'll be processing that session for a long time to come. I asked the moderator if they would be available but he didn't know. Please, please, please follow up on this.


At 11/20/2007 5:38 PM, Anonymous Mark said...

Hey, I don't know where else to post an irrelevant comment; but I have a suggestion for a future contest: The worst euphemism. I have just posted a comment about the expression "detainee," which would be my nomination.

At 11/25/2007 3:37 AM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Hi Peter! A great SBL, wasn't it?

Michael, it was such a pleasure meeting you. I will comment in more depth when I return from America.

Mark, great idea!

At 11/29/2007 6:28 PM, Anonymous Jeff Peterson said...

Chris -- Delighted that you enjoyed America, and also that you're working to make the papers from the Eyewitnesses discussion available on line. I wonder if you'd consider also submitting them to JSNT or another journal so that they can be permanently archived for scholars (and come to the attention of the non-tech-savvy)? I'd be glad to assist in that if it would be helpful. All best!

At 12/02/2007 10:52 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Good point, Jeff. I'll have a think about that. Thanks


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