Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Seven Seals of the Apocalypse

A useful month by month time line to plot your eschatological fate!

Under the first point: "A radical government comes to power in the US, severs ties with Israel and creates a socialist state, persecuting Evangelicals and religious Jews" followed by "The city of Rome rises to world prominence once again"!

Seems only us evangelicals are in trouble, so it looks like the rest of you are safe enough. Except Frank Beckwith and clan, who, it seems, may well be the cause ...



At 5/08/2007 4:45 PM, Anonymous Phil Walker said...

Do you think Christ's millennial reign will include remedial spelling classes?

Still, good to have advance warning, even if it is only about ten years. Could we arrange for some sort of text-message reminder service, too?

At 5/09/2007 2:03 AM, Anonymous Daniel Clark said...

Seems we all get "Left Behind".
What a body-count!

At 5/09/2007 4:51 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...


You'll make as many bucks, Phil, as there will be bodies, as Daniel points out.


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