Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spiderman 3

I saw Spiderman 3 at the cinema tonight. Great fun! I thought the black goo was a good picture for that which it fed upon, namely bitterness. Highly recommended.


At 5/03/2007 1:08 AM, Anonymous Matt Lemieux said...

You evil, evil man... I've got tickets for the 12:01AM showing Friday morning. The first show you can get to in 100 miles any direction... -_-


At 5/03/2007 2:00 AM, Anonymous Patrick George McCullough said...

They filmed some of Spidey 3 in my Pasadena, CA, neighborhood. I haven't seen it yet, but apparently there is a scene where a taxi drives up to a house in a suburban neighborhood [and something happens], that house is just about three houses down from ours. It was annoying to have all the activity and barricades in the street and, yes, portable toilets in our driveway at the time, but I sure will be excited to see it on screen! :)

At 5/03/2007 10:05 AM, Anonymous byron smith said...

Black goo that responds to bitterness? Sounds very Ghostbusters II.

At 5/03/2007 10:26 PM, Anonymous Michael Westmoreland-White said...

It premiers tomorrow in the States. Here in Louisville school is out because of Kentucky Derby related festivities (school busses couldn't get anywhere anyway--think Carnival in Rio). So, the youth minister of our church is taking a group to see Spidey 3 and I am going as a chaperone.

BTW, the black goo is an adaptation of the "alien suit/Venom" story arc in the comics. Since Spidey was created the year I was born (1962), I have always had a bigger attachment to this comic hero than to most (plus there was the whole science nerd identification).

At 5/04/2007 8:47 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Well, when you do all get to see it, if you are anything like me (shallow, up for action), then you'll love it.

I love Ghostbusters. There is also a webpage by conservative Christians called Demonbusters!


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