Tuesday, April 10, 2007

BibleWorks on Vista warning

Back from an Easter break and back to blogging. I have quite a lot planned for the coming months so I look forward to discussion and response.

Thankfully, I now have everything important up and running on my new computer. However, a word of warning: if you want to install the excellent BibleWorks 6 or 7 on a Vista computer which isn’t English language based, then DO NOT install the patch BibleWorks has provided for Vista. As far as I can see all the patch does is automatically perform what is described in the notes on making BW 4 or 5 Vista friendly. However, if the system uses a different word for ‘USER’ in the groups lists than an English system then the patch will make things much worse! In fact, we struggled to delete the corrupted files that the patch distorted for about an hour. If you have a non-English language Vista and want to install BW 6 or 7, then simply follow the instructions for making BW 4 and 5 compatible and you will save yourself hours of trouble.

Two videos for your viewing pleasure.

The first, which I must admit I haven’t made time to watch in full yet, is the uncut version of Richard Dawkins’ interview with the Bishop of Oxford.

The second is a sermon clip of a preacher wasting his breath. And my time. This nugget is called ‘Satan’s Tool: The truth about contemporary Christian Music’. I have no idea why I sat down and actually watched it to the end. I think it is a similar human peculiarity that makes people slow down as they drive past a road accident so they can have a good look.

Oh, and my thanks to Stephen for this honour!


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