Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The use of Scripture in Christian Zionism: a critical examination. Pt. 3

My series on the use of scripture in Christian Zionism will now continue. The first two posts can be read here and here. There is some lively discussion in the comments of both as well, which is always enjoyable.

I want to make very clear at the start of the following: I’m very open to change on my opinion in relation to these matters, if good reason is supplied. Where I come, and came, across as very confident, do not let that be interpreted as a closed mind. I say this as I realise what a sensitive issue Christian Zionism can be, and I want to tread reasonably carefully. Though I won’t prat around. I also want to make a suggestion: where CZ is so important for those unaffected by the direct political situation in Israel and surroundings, I would suggest that you have things out of perspective. CZ isn’t as serious a matter as our Christology or understanding of the Scripture, so lets keep the discussion friendly. Anyway, I’m waffling now. On to the matter.

The following discussion will be (at least provisionally) divided into three sections. The first shall detail how the early church used Old Testament Scripture. This is a massive topic so my presentation will naturally be selective. The purpose of this section is to gather information before, in the second part, I suggest concrete reasons why, in the light of this evidence, the CZ hermeneutic needs to be challenged. The third section will critically respond to some of the arguments employed by CZs against the line of reasoning I suggest. I hope you find the following enjoyable.



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