Thursday, May 25, 2006

The virtue of curiosity

Someone asked me the other day why I have so many theological ‘irons in the fire’ on my blog. I responded to that question, as I tend to, by being a prat. But after reading the following this morning, I wish I’d given my answer more honest thought:

‘Right down to the present day, theology has continued to be for me a tremendous adventure, a journey of discovery into a, for me, unknown country, a voyage without the certainty of return, a path into the unknown with many surprises and not without disappointments. If I have a theological virtue at all, then it is one that has never hitherto been recognised as such: curiosity’
But do you know who wrote these words?

Anyway, I will be away for the next few days on our annual church retreat ...

*hears the sound of holy monastic chants in the background – so remembers to pack his screamevildeath techno music to balance out the holiness*

... so I won’t be blogging till perhaps late Sunday or Monday. The big dilemma that will be causing me considerable distress for the next few hours is the decision as to which books I will have to leave behind :-(

I wish you all a great few days in my absence. And the first person to give the correct answer to the question above will be endowed with the usual flattery and praise.


At 5/25/2006 4:20 AM, Anonymous J. B. Hood said...

I can tell you with far more certainty than usual that this is not something that came from the mouth of Hodge or Warfield.

At 5/25/2006 5:33 AM, Anonymous joshua said...

moltmann. i just spent a semester on the guy. it sounds likes him and he writes about his theological am i right?

At 5/25/2006 1:12 PM, Anonymous dan said...

I second the Moltmann guess.

At 5/26/2006 1:52 AM, Anonymous C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

Jurgen Moltmann, I always read him before I go bed at night.

Actually I Googled to your quote on the first click at the Gettysburg Presbyterian Church

Say, any of you Barth groupies ever heard of Bryan Burton (Fuller NW, Mars Hill Grad School)? I attended his church for a while. He always kept his Barth PhD under wraps when he was preaching. That was some time ago he may have change his style now.

At 5/26/2006 7:24 AM, Anonymous byron smith said...

Ya, Moltmann - I just read it a few days ago - ummm... it's in the preface to The Coming of God, right?

At 5/28/2006 10:36 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Hi JB! You are right in what you deny!

You are the MAN! Wooh hoo!
And you were also the first ... which makes you the object of my lavish honouring:

"Oh Joshua,
we thee honour
thine intellect we respect."

"We could sing of your cleverness forever ... etc."

Which means Dan, Clay and Byron were also correct.

But I must also give Byron a hat tip given that he even mentioned the correct location of the quote.


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