Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A sobering thought?

I realise that it’s getting ridiculously long, but I thought it time to update my blog roll. I may have missed one or two out, but it was getting confusing.

‘As Copernicus showed, the earth is not the center of the universe. We humans thus seemed to be marginal phenomena in the cosmos. Might there not be in other galaxies and solar systems planets on which life might arise and on which there might be intelligent beings? Even on earth, is the evolution of life to end with us?’
(Pannenberg, Systematic theology, Vol. 2, p. 74)
Have a good day.


At 5/17/2006 10:08 PM, Anonymous ntWrong said...

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

At 5/18/2006 8:56 AM, Anonymous Derek Brown said... that I've seen someone else do it, this is my obligatory thanksgiving for adding me to your blogroll as well.
PS-Where on earth (pun intended) did this interest in extra terrestrial theology (?) come from?

At 5/18/2006 12:23 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Hi Q and Derek,
My pleasure!
Why am I interested in aliens?! Well, it was simply a line of thinking that grew from my reading of Küng and Ward - no other reason. Although, especially when I was more conservative than I am these days, I often pondered how my theology would feel if an alien space ship landed in my garden!
I know, I know. Too much Star Trek.


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