Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Denutjobifying Barth

I bequeath the world a gift: denutjobifying

I want to write a book for no other reason than to bring it into theological parlance.

Denutjobifying Barth: A Modern Biblical Scholar Encounters Barth's Romans Commentary.

Anyway, the last post outlined some twenty problems biblical scholar may find with Barth's Romans commentary.

In the three videos below I "stand with Barth", so to speak, and present reasons why Barth's commentary makes a good deal more sense than my colleagues in the guild of biblical studies may care to admit.

It runs as follows:
  • Matters of Style (the first video)
  • Matters of Exegesis (second video)
  • and Wider themes (third and final video)
The final video in this series will ask what Barth might teach New Testament scholars. 

1) Style

2) Exegesis 

3) Wider themes


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