Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The first recipient of the Zwingli Prize goes to … ME!

“He has received this award in recognition of his many years of blogging and his numerous contributions to biblical scholarship”

The Press release is here.

As this is akin to the theological Oscars, I must thank my parents, sisters, loved ones and everyone who made this possible. Of course I must thank my wife. In the best tradition, and while I have the opportunity, I think I ought to settle some old scores for the record.

First, my old geography teacher for the time he gave me a "D", despite the fact that my paper was well researched and the highest sort of cloud IS a cirrus. You, sir, are a twat. Second, the lady who refused to refund my headphones at HMV in 2004 because they "look used". Dammit, it was only a tiny bit of earwax. But you lose now, HMV woman. Third, there is the time when chess opponent, IM Ron Hopping, said that I touched my Knight when I actually hadn’t and then he said I had to move it because of the rules even though it was clearly a bad move and I then lost the game. But now the world knows, Ron: you are a slimy little cheating toad of a human blob of turd. You'll never be the man your mother is.


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