Friday, March 28, 2014

West’s Commentary Series

Despite our banter online, Jim West is actually a very good friend. His extremely impressive achievement has now been translated into Logos speak, and so his commentaries, which cover 59 books of the Bible and 4 books of the Apocrypha, are now available on a that v useful platform.

The Person the Pew Commentary Series (36 vols.)

Click the picture for more info:

“For centuries, most commentaries have been written by experts, for experts—the massive volumes that line pastors’ and professors’ shelves inaccessible without extensive education. Meanwhile, the person in the pew has been largely forgotten. This series is designed to correct this problem, empowering laypeople to read the Bible with understanding. Keeping the forgotten person in the pew in mind, Baptist pastor and professor Jim West makes the best in biblical scholarship available in a form useful for personal devotion, preaching, Sunday school lessons, and generally growing in knowledge of God’s word”


At 3/28/2014 4:21 PM, Blogger Keen Reader said...

Just what the world needs -- yet another Bible commentary series.

At 3/28/2014 4:33 PM, Blogger Chris Tilling said...

Just what the world needs, a sarcastic troll comment, and another responding to it.


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