Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beyond Old and New Perspectives on Paul

Quite a line up of excellent scholars in my forthcoming edited volume. Very excited about this as it is something truly at a cutting edge of Pauline scholarly discussion, and one with ramifications that go far and wide. I will let you all know when it is available to purchase, or at least pre-order. Won’t be long now!

CASCADE_Template“Campbell’s work is undoubtedly one of the most important ‘game-changing’ contributions to New Testament scholarship in recent times. But as these excellent essays show clearly, its significance extends far beyond the biblical guild, for Campbell is provoking us to rethink some of the most profound and far-reaching issues facing the church today. He deserves to be far more widely known, and this collection will doubtless further that end.”

—Jeremy Begbie, Duke University, North Carolina


“Douglas Campbell . . . has generated a conversation that crosses all theological disciplines—exegetical, historical, systematic, ethical/political. That conversation, on full and brilliant display here, is contending for nothing less than the gospel of Jesus Christ. The issues matter profoundly. These essays, by Campbell and by those who would support, correct, and criticize his work, also matter. No arcane Paul scholarship here . . . essential reading for every theologian.”

—Douglas Harink, The King’s University College, Canada


“Douglas Campbell is a force to be reckoned with in Pauline studies. His work can be delightfully illuminating, horribly confusing, and absolutely frustrating—sometimes all in the same paragraph. These insightful essays by some of Campbell’s supporters and critics, as well as by Campbell himself, will help readers better engage Campbell and, I think, also Paul.”

—Michael J. Gorman, St. Mary’s Seminary & University, Maryland


“Douglas Campbell’s groundbreaking interpretation of Paul deserves a wide audience and continuing discussion, and this book is an exemplary model of gracious, critical, and appreciative conversation on matters of crucial importance to all who care about the Apostle Paul’s liberating good news.”

—Susan Eastman, Duke Divinity School, North Carolina


At 2/18/2014 1:47 AM, Blogger Keen Reader said...

Aren't people a little fed up by now with the seemingly never-ending succession of thousand-page tomes -- all "cutting edge" of course! -- on the Apostle Paul?

There soon won't be any trees left!

At 3/04/2014 10:06 PM, Blogger andrewbourne said...


At 3/06/2014 2:27 AM, Blogger Edward Carr Franks said...

NOOO!!! Please, ease up on the Campbell worship! I spent 3 yrs slogging thru DOG. May I suggest, in the interest of fair play, an alternative subtitle to "Beyond Old and New Perspectives on Paul?" How about, "Reflections on Campbell's work to drive a final nail in the coffin of J.I. Packer's call for a 'Copernican Revolution' to recover the principles of the Reformation!?" (The Bondage of the Will, p. 60, 1957)

At 1/08/2016 4:53 AM, Blogger Edward Carr Franks said...

The continued DAC near-worship puzzles me still, despite 6 years of devoting myself to the study of his work and the reviews of it. I remain as baffled by his thesis and the extent to which its been accepted as on day one. I'm more baffled than I was to the positive responses to Sanders, Hays, Wright, etc. There are some of us out here who remain pretty darn comfortable, still, with the traditional doctrine of JBFA (just'n by faith alone), as formulated de facto by Luther in his second Galatians Commentary (1535).

Regarding the 1000-page tome crisis, I'd be less concerned if they didn't all seem to be coming from the same PPME-like perspective - what's worse, they're coming from the very same culprit (permit me a bit of hyperbole)!

I slog on, dutifully, thru many reviews (Matlock's my favorite), JSPL 1.1, and now Tilling's BONPP. I'm certainly learning a lot, and in the course of all this study I've written volumes of marginalia and read dozens of cited articles. But, and I do mean "but," I remain a staunch advocate of JBFA, which leaves me in a very bad state in both this world and the next, according to Campbell. Alas, I trudge on, hoping for a new PPME moment of clarity (contra my JBFA moment of 14 yrs ago, that remains the core of my worldview).

Over and out.


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