Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Unrelenting God: God's Action in Scripture

I'm very grateful to Eerdmans for sending a review copy of a book I have long wanted to obtain. These essays, edited by David Downs and Matthew Skinner in honour of Beverly Gaventa, includes a stellar, even apocalyptic, line up.

This is a very personal choice, but it am particularly looking forward to a specific set of essays. First, Richard Hays' "Lost in Translation" because I always enjoy reading him. Watson's "Is Paul a Covenantal Theologian?" looks delightfully delicious (though his speech-act critique of - something Campbell endorses - and characterising of Campbell's highlighting of "the apocalyptic nature of divine saving agency at the expense of Paul's engagement with Scripture" seems oddly misplaced). The essays by Berg, Jervis, Harink (I've learnt a lot from this guy), Brown, Eastman ("Ashes on the Frontal Lobe", what a great essay title! Susan once, probably without realising it, gave me a profound education in the nature of metaphors which I will never forget. Her essay is at the top of my list), de Boer, Sonderegger and Welker will all be read with hunger.


At 11/14/2013 10:08 PM, Blogger Edwardtbabinski said...

Speaking of God's Actions...

"Fear and Faith" Episode 2--Derren Brown induces a "God experience" in an atheist and explains via cognitive science experiments how he did it. http://youtu.be/NZiVdmWUX1A

"The So Called Messiah"--Derren Brown induces a "belief in God" in several atheists, including inducing Pentecostal-like swoons. http://youtu.be/FnaG35Ed1TU?t=4m18s

"Miracles for Sale"--Derren Brown trains an "average joe" to obtain the same results as Christian healers. http://youtu.be/1f27HJS03ag?t=11m21s

Also, one does not need to claim that everyone's religious experiences are false in order to ask, How can God expect us to know what to make of the diversity of religious beliefs and miracle stories? We are presented with a mixed bag of evidence: http://religiousmiracles.blogspot.com/2013/02/miracles-of-all-religions-provide-crazy.html


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