Thursday, August 23, 2012

A theological quiz – of sorts

Your task is to guess the source(s) of the following citations from the two options which I will give you below:

a) "The experience of God and the doctrine of God that results from it are the almost self-evident outcomes for those who understand the divine gift of being recognized as the manner in which God 'is' for them and who wants to make it is comprehensible to others in the mode of theological reflection" (who said this? Schleiermacher?!)

b) "Consequently, the doctrine of God in the mode of theological argumentation must communicate knowledge of God with its objective being the insight that human beings can appreciate their lives only when they recognise God as the source and saviour of their lives … The biblical doctrine of God intersects with presentations of biblical anthropology and ethics because the doctrine of God is not an undertaking that disregards human beings and their existential and behavioural orientation, but that, in fact, integrates the two" (surely Bultmann penned this, didn't he?)

c) "In accordance with the irreversible path of perception from being recognized by God to knowledge of God, the doctrine of God is foremost instruction by God himself, and only then, instruction about God, mediated by biblical witnesses and teachers of theology standing in their tradition" (I can recognise Barthian theological epistemology, right?)

Okay, your choice:

a) Schleiermacher, b) Bultmann, c) Barth


The above citations are ALL from the same pen, that of Reinhard Feldmeier and Hermann Spieckermann in God of the Living: A Biblical Theology?!

If you choose the second option (and you would be right to!), are we to conclude that the authors are confused and muddled in their theological commitments, or rather that they have taken the best from their wonderfully rich German-language theological tradition, combining it all together into a greater whole?


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