Saturday, April 02, 2011

Free Goodacre book!

Mark Goodacre's book, The Synoptic Problem: A Way Through the Maze, is now available for free online! Click here for the info.

To my students: it is on one or two readings lists I am sure, and is definitely worth your time. I say this as not just a few NT introductions are less than helpful when it comes to explaining options regarding the synoptic problem.

(At this point I ought to acknowledge where I first heard about this news - blog etiquette etc. But I've forgotten)


At 4/02/2011 7:00 AM, Blogger Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks for the plug!

At 4/08/2011 5:47 PM, Blogger Chris Tilling said...

Oh my pleasure, thanks for writing it!

At 4/26/2011 11:41 PM, Blogger Jack Wellman said...

What a fine resource this is...I just completed a course in seminary on the Synoptic Gospels and this is something that I can add to my base of knowledge. Thanks.

At 4/27/2011 12:53 AM, Blogger Mark Goodacre said...



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