Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Special journal issue for Tom Torrance

Our friend Jason Goroncy has just drawn attention to a special issue of Theology in Scotland, which is in memoriam of T.F. Torrance. Definitely worth a look (see, here).

This snippet is from The Mediation of Christ:
"God loves you so utterly and completely that he has given himself for you in Jesus Christ his beloved Son, and has thereby pledged his very being as God for your salvation. In Jesus Christ God has actualised his unconditional love for you in your human nature in such a once for all way, that he cannot go back upon it without undoing the Incarnation and the Cross and thereby denying himself"


At 3/02/2011 10:08 AM, Blogger Robin Parry said...

Thomas F. Torrance is my all-time fave theologian.

At 3/11/2011 8:03 PM, Anonymous Philip Seddon said...

I'm delighted that SJT is dedicating a special issue to To Torrance. He was massively under-recognised and under-valued; one of the greatest orthodox and creative theologians of the last 50 years


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