Saturday, February 13, 2010

Today I met Prince Charles ... almost

Or more precisely, I didn't meet him at all ... but I was in the same room as His Royal Highness for close on 2 hours! And almost spoke to him. Fame! I was on a list of people to introduce to the Prince, but there were plenty of others to talk to first. I believe I was to be introduced as the one 'who has recently obtained a PhD'. I was not sure what I would say if he asked 'what did I write about?'.

*Prince approaches Chris*

*Tilling bows vigorously and tries to remember whether he should say 'Your Highness' or 'Your Majesty', but then remembers the Blackadder episode where the Prince keeps saying 'Your Highness, Your Highness', so sticks with 'Your Highness' and hopes for the best*

'Tis about Pauline Christology ... Your Highness'

*Royal blank look*

*Tilling gets nervous Prince is starting to wish he had not asked*

'...a new way of tackling the divine-Christology debate, sir*

*Prince's eyes start looking for someone else*

'... building on and critically responding to Jimmy Dunn, Larry Hurtado, William Horbury, Gordon Fee and such like. Your Highness'.

*Prince finds some polite and regal way of saying a 'Riiiiiiight - Next!'*

Yea, probably best this conversation didn't happen. Besides, there were plenty of better looking, funnier, more intelligent, popular and wittier people to impress the future King of England.

Why did I almost meet him? He was there to get a taste of the St Mellitus phenomenon, and he seemed to have enjoyed himself. I think we all had fun! And it was good to catch up with Paula Gooder.

Here is our own official St Mellitus report, with loads of pictures.

Finally, this is one of the Prince meeting some of our students!

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At 2/14/2010 12:49 PM, Anonymous alexkupsch said...

PRINCE: Oh yes, Tilling! I have heard a lot about you!

TILLING: *bewildered*
Really? Thank You, Your Highness.

PRINCE: *enthusiastic*
You've been teaching in the States, haven't you?

TILLING: *confused*
No, not really.

PRINCE: *disappointed*

TILLING: I've been to Germany though.

PRINCE: *lightening up*
Tilling, Germany, yes, right! The school must be very happy to have you here! So, I wish you all the best for your teaching engagement, Mr. Tilling!

TILLING: *humbled*
Thank You, Your Highness.

PRINCE: *turning away*
And keep up that correspondence-method-stuff, Mr. Tilling!

At 2/15/2010 3:34 PM, Anonymous Ordinandy said...

I think it more likely that HRH was too nervous to speak to the soon-to-be-an-official-doctor Tilling, and manufactured an appropriate escape strategy...

The conversation (had it taken place) would have doubtless been thus:

TILLING: Ah, Chaz! How's it hanging my man!?!

PRINCE: Erm, well, er, I... I..

TILLING: Come on Price C, spit it out

PRINCE: well, I... I... er...

TILLING: Yeeeess?

PRINCE: I wondered if I could discuss the finer points of Pauline Christology as it pertains to the enthronement of oneself as defender of the faith(s) in the uk?

TILLING: Nah, I'm off to the golf range, laters!

At 2/22/2010 3:08 PM, Anonymous Peter M. Head said...

Sucking up to royalty. Not a good development in theological education.


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