Thursday, January 08, 2009

Things not to say

When you first meet your fianc├ęs mum:

  2. What nice false teeth you have

When you have an audience with the Pope:

  1. Avoid any word beginning with 'F' in case Mr Tourette smashes you on the head with the ill fated tongue slip hammer

When you go for an interview at a Bible college:

  1. That your motto is "if anything can be stuffed in a pipe, I'll smoke it"

By the way, my previous post was number 1,111 - interestingly the same number of words Zwingli could say in one belch (he was the world champion at the time, even preached whole sermons in one long burp - at least this is what his congregation believed was happening)



At 1/09/2009 3:12 AM, Anonymous Josh McManaway said...

Check your translation of your source on Zwingli's burping - I'm sure his sermons had an origin in a quite different orifice.

At 1/11/2009 9:14 PM, Anonymous Michael F. Bird said...


James Crossley and I will be in London tommorrow (Monday, 12th of January) and meeting for lunch at 1215 p.m. outside of Premier Christian Radio (we're doing an interview there soon after).

At 1/11/2009 9:48 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Hi Mike,
Pity I won't be available then! I have a lecture to give in teh mroning, and will be in meetings till about 4:30pm. Will you still be around in London then?


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