Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some Christmas Presents

I had a great time this Christmas, some glorious presents from Anja and my parents. Here are a few of the books that I am presently salivating over (yes, and reading)

  1. Brevard S. Childs, The Church's Guide for Reading Paul: The Canonical Shaping of the Pauline Corpus (Cambridge: Eerdmans, 2008). I must admit that my reading of Childs is extremely limited. Time I changed that.
  2. Dave Tomlinson, Re-Enchanting Christianity: Faith in an Emerging Culture (Norwich: Canterbury Press, 2008). I have been enjoying this one and only wish it had been written a few years ago when it would have helped me more, though I am still learning from it. While I find myself unable to follow him on certain points on which for me at least he goes too far, his work will be an inspiration for those Christians with a conservative background who are looking to rethink their faith in a more responsible or self-conscious way. To that end there are some real nuggets of wisdom in this book. Actually, I have been surprised by how much I am enjoying it. Just one point: On page 28 he misrepresents Bultmann's project of demythologisation, reading it as a 19th century liberalism, i.e. a stripping of the outer mythic layers to a 'core' message. That ain't quite Bultmann, people!
  3. Russel D. Moore, et al., Understanding Four Views on the Lord's Supper (Michigan: Zondervan, 2007)
  4. Michael W. Holmes, The Apostolic Fathers: Greek Texts and English Translations. 3rd Edition (Michigan: Baker Academic, 2007). Reading 1 Clement at the moment and feeling silly I had not read it sooner!
  5. Markus Bockmuehl and Torrance Alan J., eds, Scripture's Doctrine and Theology's Bible: How the New Testament Shapes Christian Dogmatics (Michigan: Baker Academic, 2008). What an amazing list of scholars and essays! Flippin BRING IT ON!
  6. D.A. Carson, D.J. Moo, and Leon Morris, An Introduction to the New Testament. 2nd Edition (Leicester: APOLLOS, 2005)
  7. Raymond E. Brown, An Introduction to the New Testament (London: Doubleday, 1997) – I can't find a Doubleday webpage.
  8. On a slightly different note: Smallville Season 7. Pluses: Supergirl. Nuff said. Negatives: the character Lana is still slushy romantic bottom lip quivering alive. Maybe she will get a bit less 'about to cry all the time' and thus more tolerable in this series. She is one seriously good actress to pull such a character off! I love this series as you really feel with the lead characters, plus it throws in a lot of imaginative crazy stuff to stop it decomposing into teenage-feeling-fluff. Tom Welling (as Clark Kent), Kristin Kreuk (as Lana Lang), Allison Mack (as Chloe Sullivan) and Michael Rosenbaum (as Lex Luther) manage to make a totally unbelievable world a bit more likely (I'm convinced). I'm watching this together with Battlestar Galactica to top of my spates of dubious time-wasting self-indulgent DVDing.

While I am not as flush with time for general reading as I was this time last year, I have been really enjoying myself for a few days over Christmas. There is no joy like reading a good book.


At 12/30/2008 11:59 PM, Anonymous Michael F. Bird said...

I concur, esp. on Holmes and I'm also looking forward to getting into Bockmuehl/Torrance.

At 12/31/2008 1:00 AM, Anonymous Nick Norelli said...

1Clement is thoroughly awesome (!) especially in Holmes' volume! And just when I think I can't like Tilling any more, I find out that he's a Smallville fan, as am I (and have been since season 1). Eerdmans sent me Childs' book a month or so ago but I haven't started reading it yet. I hope that you'll blog on it so I can send them the link and say that I had you review it for me! ;-)

Merry (or Happy as they say in your neck of the woods) belated Christmas!

At 12/31/2008 2:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Battlestar Galactica is great. I can't say that I share you love of Smallville though. I'll take cylons who are learning to emote over teenagers who do nothing but emote any day of the week.

At 12/31/2008 2:56 AM, Anonymous Shaun Tabatt said...

Feeling slight pangs of book envy on the account of numbers 3, 4, & 6. Maybe I'll fare well for my birthday in January. ;)

At 12/31/2008 4:40 PM, Anonymous Edward Pothier said...

The reason why you were unable to find a Doubleday webpage for Raymond Brown's great NT INTRODUCTION is probably because it was part of Doubleday's "Anchor Bible Reference Library" and is now part of Yale University Press's "Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library".

The link there is


At 12/31/2008 6:28 PM, Anonymous volker said...

Hi Chris,
I have not had the chance to look at Tomlinson's new book. In order to ge a better idea, I'd be interested to know on what points you had troubles following him. Thanks.
Happy New Year!

At 1/02/2009 3:30 PM, Anonymous One of Freedom said...

I'll be interested to see your thoughts on Moore's book. I'm just finishing up his The Kingdom of Christ, which I though was decent. It is actually what I had proposed to do for my thesis (da bastard!!) but it is also a good springboard into some deeper discussion on the political implications of an evangelical Kingdom theology.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Chris.

At 1/02/2009 7:37 PM, Anonymous Phil Sumpter said...

I am so looking forward to your response to Childs' book. I haven't read it and I don't think I will be able to for a while yet. My Childs reading phase is officially over now. Having obsessed with one scholar for a year and a half, I'm now going to obsess over one Psalm (Ps 24) for a year and a half. Happy reading!

At 1/03/2009 12:32 AM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

"hope that you'll blog on it so I can send them the link and say that I had you review it for me! ;-)"

I look forward to your review!

Sorry to tempt you, Shaun!

Edward, thanks for that link.

Hi Volker, perhaps we could chat sometime!

Phil, I got this one largely because of your enthusiam for Childs!

Frank, all the best to you too in the nwe year


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