Monday, June 09, 2008

Bishop Tom Wright in the Classroom Again

Nijay Gupta wrote me asking if I would publish the following info on the blog. Well, we are talking about Tom Wright (peace be upon him), so of course I will!:

Bishop Tom Wright is going back to teaching an advanced class relating the Bible to the big issues of today. He will be teaching at Cranmer Hall, an Anglican-Methodist seminary (of Durham University) in the diocese of Durham, England.

The class is called 'The Bible in Tomorrow's World: Gospel, Kingdom and Mission' and it will cover key cultural issues from Western culture over the past 200 years.

This is aimed at preachers, church leaders, and anyone who wants to have a fresh vision of how the Bible can fresh integrations of head and heart, doctrine and devotion, and, more widely, scripture and culture. The overall aim is to enable students to use the Bible with a mature wisdom as they take forward the mission of the church in tomorrow's world.

The class will run intensively on 7-8 Jan 2009 and 22-24 April 2009 in the historic surroundings of St John's College, Durham, next to the

Cathedral. Students are invited to sign up for this module as a one off or as part of the MA in Theology and Ministry.

The first ten non-UK students to sign up for the module will receive a free copy of two of Tom Wright's recent books 'Evil and the Justice of God' and 'The Cross and the Colliery'

Other teachers on this MA programme this coming year include John and Olive Drane (formerly of the University of Aberdeen).

MA homepage

Tom Wright's module


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