Saturday, January 05, 2008

Some Awards

  1. Best Newcomer Biblioblog Award goes to Nick Norelli. He's almost as prolific as West. Though he likes rap. So ...
  2. Worst Music Taste of Bibliobloggers Award goes to Nick Norelli. And an honorary runner-up mention must go to Ben Myers.
  3. Most Heretical and Boringly Brain-Rot Inducing Biblioblog Award of 2007 goes to ... No. I shouldn't say. *Coughs* We *Coughs* st.
  4. Most Handsome, Most Inspiring, Educational and Cleverest Biblioblogger award of 2007: I'm too modest to say ... but I want to thank my fans, my wife, my friends ... it's me.
  5. Funniest Biblioblogger Award goes to Steven Harris. I can't stop laughing at him.
  6. Most Theologically Suspect Biblioblogger Award goes hands-down to John Hobbins. (John, what did you expect for that?)
  7. Blogger Most Likely to be Confused with a Criminal Because of the Way He Looks Award goes to Jason Clark.
  8. Most misrepresented scholar of 2007 goes to Bishop Tom Wright for suffering numerous dubious critiques of his works. I think some of the negative feelings are there (from the right) because of either an unhealthy dogmatic conservativism, or (from the left) because some people are simply jealous of the good Bishop, jumping on an anti-Wright band-Wagon because it makes the critic look more intelligent.
  9. Most thought-provoking book of the month award goes to Andrew Perriman for Re:Mission. Biblical Mission for a post-biblical church. Crikey-o-Riley, what a book. If you are conservative, then it's regular-change-of-underpants time. It made me feel like I was on the receiving end of a new (early 20th century) 'consistent eschatological' slap around the cheeks, a movement discussed nicely in Wright and Neill, The Interpretation of the New Testament, by the way.
  10. Biblioblog That I Visit Most Often Award. 1st: Mine (vanity), 2nd: West's (perhaps it is masochistic curiosity).
  11. Most Prolific Biblioblogger Author of Books. Michael F. Robo-Bird.
  12. Best SBL Room Mate of 2007 Award goes to Jim West (who, aside from being a really top-chap - but don't tell him I said so - also wins the Most Mini-Minimalist Award)
  13. SBL Room Mate Most Likely to Trim Their Verrucas with a Cheese Grater Award. West.
  14. Finally, the Most Coolest Nicest Dude award goes to my friend David Vinson for sending me numerous books in the last couple of months, including:

    Original Selfishness: Original Sin And Evil in the Light of Evolution
    by Daryl P. Domning and Monika K. Hellwig
    Reformed and Always Reforming by Roger Olson
    God of the Possible by Greg Boyd
    Inspiration and Incarnation by Peter Enns
    The God who Risks by John Sanders
    The Openness of God by Pinnock, Rice, Sanders etc.
    The Myth of a Christian Nation by Greg Boyd
    And Not in Our Classrooms: Why Intelligent Design is Wrong for Our Schools, ed. Eugenie Scott and Glenn Branch

    Thanks a million, David!!


At 1/05/2008 11:52 PM, Anonymous Nick Norelli said...

Thanks Chris! I'm honored... and... well...


Check out my recent post to know that it's not all about rap music... I have other interests as well... ;^P

By the way, why didn't I get the winner of the complete this sentence contest award? Mine was clearly the best... ;^P

At 1/06/2008 12:12 AM, Anonymous John Hobbins said...

Thanks, Chris, for the honor.

So far this year it looks like you're fighting the good fight w.r.t. the linguistic challenges those of us who had a checkered childhood have when it comes to avoiding certain words and certain topics.

But the year is young, so we'll see how this goes.

At 1/06/2008 1:33 AM, Anonymous Owen Weddle said...

"Most Handsome, Most Inspiring, Educational and Cleverest"

I assume that is the best combination of all four attributes, because I clearly am the most handsome person around...

At 1/06/2008 3:17 AM, Anonymous Esteban Vázquez said...

How dare you overlook me in your award-giving! What a heap of rubbish. After all, it is well known by all that, at the very least, I am far more handsome than you (but not, it is said, than the Rev Dr West), and far more theologically suspect (or at least bewildering) than the Rev Mr Hobbins.

At 1/06/2008 7:25 AM, Anonymous steph said...

As a non blogging outsider, this is all very sleezy and incestuous...

At 1/06/2008 10:43 AM, Anonymous Steven Harris said...

"I can't stop laughing at him."

Surely, "with him"?

Nonetheless, I'm deeply honoured.

At 1/06/2008 3:22 PM, Anonymous Isaac said...

I hope you get a chance to read boyd's Myth of a christain nation. It's not perfect, of course, but it has been a breath of fresh air here in the states.

At 1/06/2008 10:46 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Owen, I think I heard people laughing at your comment.

"As a non blogging outsider, this is all very sleezy and incestuous..."

You'll get used to it after a while.

At 1/06/2008 10:46 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Nick, I am yet to declare the winner of the complete the sentence competition. But just so you know, you loose.

John, my pleasure!

Esteban, sorry for overlooking your heresy ...

Hi Steven,
"Surely, "with him"?"
If it makes you feel better, then feel free to read 'with' instead of 'at'. Keep up your great blogging!

Thanks Isaac, I lok forward to reading that one.

At 1/07/2008 11:01 AM, Anonymous steph said...

Well I haven't yet, and the sleeze only increases. Nevertheless, I note the omission of an award for the biblioblogger with published work of most originality and substance. I can think of two contenders. Mark and James, so there! BTW what's wrong with Bob Dylan?

At 1/07/2008 8:31 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

"what's wrong with Bob Dylan?"

You are kidding me, right?

That's like asking what what gets affected by a really sore throat....

his voice.

Sounds like 20 nijas have beaten him up before he gets the microphone. Makes me want to cry.

As for Mark and James, you may be on to something there. But I feel loath to agree with you after your question.

At 1/07/2008 11:13 PM, Anonymous steph said...

yes, I was kidding about Bobby. Good lyrics though.

At 1/11/2008 7:51 PM, Anonymous Steven Harris said...

Bob Dylan: a voice like a goat peeing on tin.



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