Friday, August 03, 2007

The Review of Fee’s Pauline Christology

My review of Gordon D. Fee's Pauline Christology: An Exegetical-Theological Study (Peabody, Mass: Hendrickson, 2007)

I'll update this post with the appropriate links each time.

Part 1: Fee's introduction

The analysis section (longer posts)

Part 2: Fee's analysis of Christology in 1 Thess

Part 3: Fee's analysis of Christology in 1 Cor (A)

Part 4: Fee's analysis of Christology in 1 Cor (B)

The synthesis section (shorter posts)

Part 5: Fee's Chapter 11: 'Christ, the divine Savior'

Part 6: Fee's Chapter 12: 'Christ: preexistent and incarnate Savior'

Part 7: Fee's Chapter 13: 'Jesus as second Adam'

Part 8: Fee's Chapter 14: 'Jesus: Jewish Messiah and Son of God'

Part 9: Fee's Chapter 15: 'Jesus: Jewish Messiah and exalted Lord'

Part 10: Fee's Finally, Chapter 16: 'Christ and the Spirit: Paul as a proto-Trinitarian'

Part 11: An assessment (sort of)

Or click here to see them all on one page.

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At 8/03/2007 5:44 PM, Anonymous Jason Pratt said...

Btw, very much appreciating your review of Fee's new book, Chris!


At 8/03/2007 9:08 PM, Anonymous Nick Norelli said...

What other works do you have on the desk? That Pauline Christology is taking up the whole picture!

At 8/06/2007 12:22 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Sorry, Nick! I have more works than I should on my desk at the moment.

Thanks Jason!


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