Monday, May 14, 2007

John Webster podcast

Jordan Barrett sent a couple of us a link, today, of a presentation given by John Webster. He explains:

"Here's a podcast I just uploaded of a presentation I tried to record from John Webster. The audio isn't the greatest. You have to turn it up fairly loud to make out what he's saying, and yet any sounds much closer to my computer can get pretty loud at times (so beware!) ... The topic he spoke on was "mercy." At any rate, let me know if the quality is too poor to put the link up publicly (Webster gave me permission). Otherwise, I don't have a blog, so feel free to post it on your blog if you think your readers would enjoy/benefit from it.

I think my readers will certainly enjoy this! I can hear it OK, but you will need to amplify the audio, for sure.

The presentation was given on the 28th March, 2007 at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary.

Thanks, Jordan!

UPDATE: Note Jordan's comment to this post!


At 5/14/2007 11:07 PM, Anonymous jordan said...

I should also note, the intro is much harder to hear. I can't remember who it was the first to speak, but Mark Husbands, who did his phd under Webster, introduces him. Thus, Webster doesn't start speaking until a few minutes in, so be patient. ;)


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