Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I’m not feeling very theologically sensitive tonight; I’m too distressed by a recent meeting claiming to be teaching the bible. If I tried talking theology I’d only end up being a cynical git. So, instead I will present some of my favourites from the world of youtube:

Here is a video of a lecture by atheist Sam Harris, speaking at a conference in 2005. Far more engaging than Dawkins.

But I believe that he’s still wrong.

There is some interesting debate on youtube about atheism and I’ve been tempted for a while to take a stab at a series explaining why I’m a Christian – but I’ll stop this theologically related stream of thinking right now.

The beautiful Alizée. I love the French language, especially when it is sung. And that is the only reason I would watch this video of course (thinks about plucking out his eyes again).

Patrick Stewart: ‘but by then it’s too late and I’ve already seen everything’! Great fun.

One of my favourite scenes from the movie, The Blues Brothers, namely the country and western bar scene.

Chess simul taken to another level – I especially liked the last few seconds! (cf. my previous post on the great Harry Nelson Pillsbury)

For those of us who have experienced this horror for ourselves.

Some hilariously cringey X-Factor disasters (read ‘Pop idol’ if you’re American, or ‘DSDS’ if you’re German).


At 2/14/2007 4:50 AM, Anonymous Michael Westmoreland-White, Ph.D. said...

I'm American and have no idea what "pop idol" is. But, then, I have a firm rule not to watch "reality TV," since I dislike encouraging oxymorons. I won't order "jumbo shrimp" in restaraunts or refer to "military intelligence," either. (And as a former soldier, I know PRECISELY how oxymoronic the last is.)

At 2/14/2007 5:24 AM, Anonymous Chris T. said...

I love Extras. My favorite scene is Ian McKellan, though.

"You are aware that I am not really a wizard?"

At 2/14/2007 8:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Chris,
thanks for the atheist-lecture post. It was a good talk, I wanted to know why you didn't agree with him. I found that his main problem wasn't with religion per se, but rather with a certain kind of 'belief', the epistemological basis on which truth claims are made by certain communities, many of them religious. Of course, he made some crass generalisations and unexplained ethical assumptions, but the general point that 'certainty' is an allusion and that dialogue must be based on honest submission to external facts is in my opinon biblical. Some theological circles would call a commitment to the first point conceptual idolatry, and I would find the book of Job a good example of the second.
I'm writing as a believing Christian who's studying the Old Testament, by the way.

At 2/14/2007 8:51 PM, Anonymous Phil Sumpter said...

Oh, and I think his criticism of religious moderation / political correctness was spot on too. Dialogue is painful, but it's got to be done.

At 2/15/2007 1:27 AM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Hi Michael,
Don't watch reality TV?!?!
Repent and believe!
(though, to be honest, only pop idol interests me)

Hi Chris T,
Thanks for that link, really funny!

Hi Phil,
Yes, I wasn't very clear. My disagreement was´n't with the specific of this youtube lecture, but rather with his wider concerns as in his published work. Sorry, I guess I should have made that more clear.

At 2/15/2007 1:58 AM, Anonymous David said...

Chris, what a terrific ministry you have here: that Alizee video made my day.

Ggggrrrrrou <-----Best approximation of a purr

At 2/15/2007 2:13 AM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

I could sell you my 'EasyEye pluckers' (TM) for a small price.

At 2/16/2007 7:31 AM, Anonymous David said...

Oh, I guess your Handy Hand Chopper is sold-out, huh? Or are you keeping that for yourself? ;-)


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