Wednesday, January 03, 2007


This week I’ll start sensible posting again, and continue my Jesus and the Eyewitnesses series. I just couldn’t be bothered tonight as I’ve been busy panickingly writing a paper for a lecture I’m giving this coming Monday at an NT colloquium in Tübingen. I’m developing my thoughts on 2 Cor 5:21 – tremendously interesting stuff, actually, just lots to do.

Anyway, have you made any New Year resolutions?

I have.

  1. Get through a good chunk of Barth’s Church Dogmatics.
  2. Smoke more (with a little bit of discipline this shouldn’t be too hard)
  3. Perform a ‘prophetic dance’ at a Charismatic meeting. In a leotard.
  4. Convince a German-language-only relative that the King James 1611 is the only inspired Bible.
  5. Cultivate my left foot’s bacterial condition, especially the impressive colony under my toenails.
  6. Finish most of my doctoral work, all of the Pauline exegesis, the analysis of Philo and the Similitudes of Enoch, and write a few articles to publish.
  7. Make a squirrel soufflé at least once a month (it’s the hunt that makes picking out all the little bones worth it)
  8. Write a number of book reviews for Chrisendom and thereby generate enthusiasm for theological study.
  9. Read more of the classics of Pauline scholarship.
  10. Loose about three chins, and discover my long hidden bone structure again.
What would your top ten be?


At 1/03/2007 12:49 AM, Anonymous One of Freedom said...

I think you should video the prophetic dance for all our enjoyment. I didn't make any resolutions this year, that way I can't break any of them.

At 1/03/2007 1:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Chris, smoking more? what exactly are we smoking more of?

At 1/03/2007 1:26 PM, Anonymous LeRon said...

Hi Chris, this is my first visit to your blog... but I love it already! Do you know Dirk Evers, who also lives in Tubingen? By the way, I HAVE performed a prophetic dance at a charismatic meeting, yes, in a leotard... if we ever meet, AND are smoking something interesting, I will tell you the story.

LeRon Shults

At 1/03/2007 2:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My one single resolution for 2007 was to not have any resolutions at all. Crap, already broke that one, huh?

At 1/04/2007 11:44 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Theoblogian, I cannot divulge such information for legal reasons.

Leron, nice to have you visit my blog. Believe it or not, I have two of your books on my shelf, and you are referenced in my doctoral work, namely in my exegesis of 1 Cor 8.

I can just see you in a leotard, 'shakin that ass' for the edification of the Church ...

As for Dirk, the name rings a bell but I guess I'm thinking of another Dirk (my one is married to Tiwi). Is he a theologian too?

Frank, you don't want to see me dance, believe me. It will do more than turn heads - more like turn stomachs actually.


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