Sunday, December 31, 2006

Almost 2007

While I’ll be back to blogging as usual in the New Year (and finishing the series on Bauckham’s Jesus and the Eyewitnesses), just a quick post to point to Dan’s superb Six Propositions on What Makes Good (Christian) Theology. I certainly gelled better with his suggestions than those to which he responded.

I thought about writing a best/worst post/series, best new blog etc., but I’m not sure I can be bothered, and I’d only be linking to myself all the time - unless we are talking about the worst post of the year, of course.

Running this blog is a tremendous amount of fun, as is the correspondence that sometimes takes place behind the scenes. And it has been fascinating to see how extraordinarily fast the readership of Chrisendom has grown in the last year (here is a graphic of the visitor, not page load, statistics produced by my web server - if you find that sort of thing interesting). Gladly, some publishing houses have noticed and I shall be making book reviews of NT works something more of a feature in 2007. In fact, I have already received some, and will receive more superb and important works to review on Chrisendom for next year, and hopefully I’ll manage to work in a few interviews with some authors, too. All rather exciting really!

If anyone has anything they would like to see discussed or improved on Chrisendom for 2007, then leave a comment. But be very sensitive and complimentary, or I’ll cry. (If you don’t like my blog at all, please go here)

Happy New Year to you all, and don’t forget the ‘Lords Per Minute’ competition.


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