Tuesday, August 29, 2006

NT Christology reading lists

Derek Brown offers an excellent ‘list of the most important works (excluding journal articles and essays) on NT Christology’. I suggested in the notes that he missed Hengel’s Son of God, and thinking about it, W Kramer’s titular study (Christos Kyrios Gottessohn) should also get a mention. Actually, now I’m pondering it, perhaps mention could be also made of Richardson’s Paul’s Language about God, Thüsing’s Per Christum in Deum, Kreitzer’s Jesus and God in Paul’s Eschatology, de Jonge’s various works, Harvey’s Jesus and the Constraints of History, Harris’ study of the title Theos and Capes’ work on YHWH texts and Christ. To be fair, Derek’s list was meant to be ‘brief’, and it is an excellent list, and some of my suggestions are focused on Pauline Christology, rather than NT Christology generally, so this isn’t meant as criticism of Derek’s list.

UPDATE: Derek has since added a few more to his list!

Perhaps there is no more fascinating a subject of study as Christology, especially NT Christology. In my opinion, Pauline Christology is the most fascinating of all, especially given modern debates surrounding the question as to whether it is divine. But then I would say that I suppose.

Oh, also be sure to have a look at Stephen's posts on annihilationism (1. God's love, 2. The justice of God a and b and 3. The Wages of sin).


At 8/30/2006 5:56 AM, Anonymous Derek Brown said...

Thanks Chris. I've only had a glance at Kreitzer and Capes; what do you think of them?

At 8/30/2006 4:19 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

They are both important works. Capes has been qualified helpfully by Hübner in the latters three volume masterpiece, so do check that out. Kreitzer is perhaps more nuanced in his conclusions, but Capes' study probably the more important.

Thanks for your e-mail, btw. I look forward to more discussion with you in the future - nice to have someone with such similar academic interests!

At 8/31/2006 8:03 AM, Anonymous Matthew D. Montonini said...

Speaking of Paul's christology, see my post on Fee's upcoming work.

At 8/31/2006 11:13 AM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Hi Matthew,
Yes, I read that post with interest. Not till 2007, though, if I remember rightly :-(
His work on Pneumatology is, of course, massively important. I believe he recently wrote an article on Christology in a new collection of essays, so that gives us an idea, perhaps, of what is to come.

At 9/01/2006 1:25 AM, Anonymous ntWrong said...

Thanks for the link, Chris. And I'm very interested in your discussion of Christian Zionism. It's quite alien to Canadian culture, but the relationship between Israel and the Church is of enduring interest to me.


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