Thursday, June 01, 2006

Where's Wally?

My NT ‘college’ Dr. Cor Bennema has recently published a book on John’s Gospel (Excavating John's Gospel: A Commentary for Today [Delhi: ISPCK, 2005]). A sample pdf can be downloaded here. As the example shows, the book is based on a ‘Biblical text citation - comments (plus occasional excurses) - reflection’ structure.

I haven’t read it all, but what I’ve already worked through is great stuff, and I think he deals with the history/theology tensions with a good deal of sense (as made clear in his intro), and he wraps up his comments with nice reflections. It is an easier read, not at all heavy, yet touches upon enough detail to teach you something. Highly recommended.

His main works is, The Power of Saving Wisdom: An Investigation of Spirit and Wisdom in Relation to the Soteriology of the Fourth Gospel (WUNT II/148; Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2002).

Anyway, all of that is for the following:

I recently visited his college webpage, and I saw a picture that simply has to be reproduced here.

Now, Cor is Dutch. Can you possibly spot him in this line up at his Indian college?!!

Sorry, Cor, but that is kinda funny!

UPDATE: My good friend, Volker Rabens, has just reminded me that he wrote a review of Cor's book, and it can be found here (on the second page).


At 6/01/2006 11:56 AM, Anonymous Jon said...

How come all the important people look to be white, caucasian males?

At 6/01/2006 2:28 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Hi Jon,
That 'Richard Bauckham children's book' is a hoax, right?

At 6/02/2006 3:29 AM, Anonymous steph said...

There is only one important person and she is wearing a dress.

At 6/02/2006 11:16 AM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

But what about all the other women in the pciture?


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