Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Fatal Flaw

In the main library here in Tübingen, there is a small trolley just outside the main entrance that carries old or unwanted books the library has decided to throw out. There is usually nothing of interest, but last time I picked up a book (they are all 1 euro) by a certain Peter de Rosa. It was given the wonderfully balanced title: The Fatal Flaw of Christianity: He did not rise from the dead, and the dogma of Original Sin is pure invention! A quick read through some of it confirmed that this is not the most insightful book I have on my shelf, but has anyone ever heard of this Peter de Rosa? The blurb on the back made him sound papal in grandeur, but I’ve never come across him before.

Soon, my Küng post will be going up on Ben’s Faith and Theology, and as shall become clear (to my shame), I couldn’t find the quote I wanted to use. But here is one below that says something similar.
‘if we analyse the profile of the personalities of so many pious “believers” – not just in Christianity – we cannot dispute Ludwig Feuerbach’s view that belief in God can alienate people from themselves and warp them because they have adorned God with treasures of their own inner depths. These believers are not human enough, not human beings enough, for the godless to be infected by their belief in God’ (Hans Küng, Credo, 12, italics mine)


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