Sunday, February 12, 2006

Guess the author

‘Theological competence is ultimately a matter of being able to make judgments that display the mind of Christ’

Who wrote these words?

The answer can be found in the comments.

Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd is the new Song of the Week (I refer you to my side bar and the two dancing muppets). I’m actually no great Pink Floyd fan, but this one is simply superb.

For the coming week I plan, among other things, to continue my series on Küng’s Der Anfang aller Dinge, this time turning to section C. and the question of world creation and evolution.

Also be sure to look here, where Steven Harris of Theology and Biblical Studies will be ‘blogging through Paul’ for a while. I'll no doubt also be posting on 1 Corinthians in the coming week.


At 2/12/2006 2:34 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Kevin J. Vanhoozer.

But do you know in which book?

At 2/12/2006 5:27 PM, Anonymous C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

Nice quote. I wonder if Jesus would have participated in the discussions of Van Til's transcendental argument?

I have read C.Van Til, J.Frame, A.Plantinga, N.Walterstorff, E.Stump ... and some other guys like K.Vanhoozer, D.Groothius and I have been trying to connect with what the WTS crowd is talking about on the percaritatem blog but so far without much success. There seems to be a discussion going on here that excludes philologists, linguists and biblical studies folks even if they have advanced degrees in Theology and have read the relevant authors and written a thesis on Calvin's epistemology.

About 10 years ago I got into discussion with a local evangelical theologian (Phd) who was doing "narative theology" and I made the mistake of mentioning Van Til and he almost had a cardiac arrest.

What do others think. How does Vanhoozer's statement connect with Van Til's trancendental argument?


At 2/12/2006 5:32 PM, Anonymous Joshua said...

I think it is in his new one. Drama of Doctrine.

At 2/12/2006 10:55 PM, Anonymous Eddie said...

I thought it was I. H. Marshall...

At 2/12/2006 10:58 PM, Anonymous Eddie said...

It is from his response to Marshall in Beyond the Bible? where marshall says somethings similar...

At 2/13/2006 1:39 AM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Hi Clay and welcome,
I’m really not sure how the Vanhoozer statement I quoted would connect with Van Til’s transcendental argument, I guess because the quotation doesn’t say enough.
However, I can tell you what I, at th emoment, think of Van Til’s arg: I’m not hugely impressed. There is too much Kant in me (via Küng)!

What do you think? What did you have in mind?

At 2/13/2006 1:40 AM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Hi Joshua,
You got it!
All the best with your new blog. I'll be watching it with interest.

At 2/13/2006 1:42 AM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Nice try eddie,
But, sadly, WRONG.
Which means a few days of penance.
The quote could have been said by a lot of people, though. Bit unfair actually. It just caught my eye!

At 2/13/2006 1:51 AM, Anonymous T.B. Vick said...

Chris states:
"However, I can tell you what I, at the moment, think of Van Til’s arg: I’m not hugely impressed. There is too much Kant in me (via Küng)!"

There's some irony in that, right? :-)

btw - go to bed Chris, your comments indicate that it is almost 2am where you are! Yikes, no wonder your so tired all the time! ;-)


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