Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Some NT related blog discussions

A) Two helpful conversations between McKnight and Campbell

And they are both in the blog comments sections.

This one tackles the notion of the supposed shift from prosopopoiia to parody, as if this is a different thing. This is a really good discussion for those who haven’t read the relevant sections in Beyond Old and New Perspectives on Paul.

This one is a robust conversation about apocalyptic and certain criticism.


B) Then there is the rather epic series, a conversation between Ben Witherington III and John Barclay about JB’s new book, Paul and the Gift. The latest can be found here, but do scroll back through the other 17 posts (!)

C) Here, David Grubbs interviewed me at the Christian Humanist about Paul’s Divine Christology


At 11/18/2015 8:02 PM, Anonymous Alan K said...

Thanks for the link to BW3's series with John Barclay. It is outstanding, and I offer it as evidence that you are a man of questionable character in not offering your readership anything on your blog for several months.


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