Thursday, August 28, 2014

Clearly I still 'as it

I had an interesting journey back home the other evening. A girl flashed me her knickers on the bus (clearly I still 'as it), and that wasn't even the strangest thing to happen.

A (Hindu?) "holy man" (as he called himself) proceeded to prophesy over me at a bus stop, verifying his words with a (highly suspect) "miraculous" demonstration of his prophetic powers (it was kind of like a dodgy magic trick that had a few glaring holes in the performance). He then prophetically told me that I "think too much" but am "very lucky" (how does he know these things?!), and proceeded to tell me he would pray for me ...

Now I was rather enjoying all of this until he asked for money for those prayers! After I disappointed him on the financial front, which cut his "holy man" ministry rapidly short, I noticed that he also didn't seem to care too much when I promise to pray for him (for free).

Why did he approach me, I wonder? Presumably this guy was an honest, hard working scammer, rather than a genuine loon, so I began to wonder: do I have "gullible" written over my face? I realise that sometimes I come across as a grumpy biznatch, but in truth I'm a rather cheery fellow and I like smiling at people! I suspect he mistook my smile for "grinning-idiot scam-bullseye".

I love London!

Admittedly, my rendition of this (true) story left me open to one particularly apropos observation, by a friend on Facebook: “You wonder why the holy man approaches you, but you're confident you know about Knicker Girl”


At 8/30/2014 1:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you wear a clerical collar? that's a magnet for loonies, in my experience. And flashers.

At 9/04/2014 4:59 PM, Blogger Chris Tilling said...

I didn't wear a clerical collar, no, I'm not ordained! Amusing that the collar inspires flashers!


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