Monday, August 25, 2014

Two Views on The Doctrine of the Trinity

"The doctrine of the Trinity stands front and centre of the Christian faith and its articulation", so says Jason Sexton, editor of the book.

Of course, the majority of the Christian tradition stands behind this claim. Three thoughts:

1) With the Trinity we have to do with reality - as far as the Christian is concerned -, with ontology. So one's decisions regarding the Trinity have unparalleled ramifications. (If I’m wrong about this, do let me know. I get the unnerving feeling that I’m missing something!)

2) The Trinity isn't simply something strange to believe, but the very grammar of all Christian articulations, and indeed their substance. It is the scopus of Scripture, and its ultimate “object”. Of course this is a dogmatic claim, but it is not antithetical to other concerns, whether they be narrative, hermeneutical or exegetical.

3) Neither is the Trinity simply grammatical speculation about ontology. My own times of meditation on God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, have led to the most delighted and astonished worship. Despite the mystery that God is and remains, this is my one anchor, the place to which I keep coming back in prayer and song, the doctrine that deeply stirs my heart.

So I’m looking forward to this Two Views book. To be honest, I've felt for a while, as an interested observer of these debates, that the Ayers / Holmes concerns are themselves problematic. But we shall see!


At 8/26/2014 4:22 AM, Blogger craig.benno said...

I'm not sure if you covered this within your big words ;) I would add a 4th point in that the Trinity is deeply experiential and relational.

At 8/28/2014 4:35 AM, Blogger Edwardtbabinski said...

If Jesus is fully God and fully human with unmixed natures, and remains so for eternity, then doesn't that get a human being into the Trinity via a side door so to speak? Maybe the Trinity is now a semi-Quaternity?

And if God was incarnated as numerous alien species to save each of them, won't the image of God look more and more like a Hindu Pantheon?

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