Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thanks …

DunnOG… first to Terry Wright, for drawing attention to a part of an argument within the appendix to my Paul’s Divine Christology. I have been eager to engage with responses from thoughtful systematicians about the move he describes, one of the most experimental in my entire book. My thinking has since developed on related points. In particular I have curtailed a little what I would consider healthy “development”. I left the matter largely unspecified in the book.

Second, BIG thanks to Eerdmans for a copy of Dunn’s The Oral Gospel Tradition! I have been keen to get my hands on this collection of Dunn’s essays ever since I read about it. The Table of Contents has me salivating!

Tom Thatcher blurbs:

“This book helpfully brings together a number of significant essays by a leading voice in the study of Jesus, the Gospels, and early Christian tradition. As indicated by the new and very helpful introduction, the collection not only surveys Dunn's own voluminous work on the topic but also serves, in many respects, as a recent history of research, tracing trends in the evolution of study on the media history of early Christianity”


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