Wednesday, June 19, 2013

BibleWorks 9 Part 1

Thanks to the guys at BibleWorks for a review copy of BW9, which upgrades me from version 6. I have been sniffing around the BW webpage ( quite a bit of late, deciding whether to pop for v9. I was therefore of course delighted to get this review copy. The following will look at some of the features of BW9 in the second and third posts. My fourth post will ask whether it makes sense to upgraded from an earlier version (and here I will speak as a long-term v6 user). Also, I will sum up with some overall thoughts.

However, in this first post I wanted to make a few personal comments about BW, Bible software that I have used for about ten years now. Frankly, together with Logos (, which I will be reviewing soon) and NotaBene (, it has been my most important resource. Why? In terms of practical exegesis, it has been my most well used tool. It allows me to go deeper in my exegetical adventures, and the search functions are invaluable. So I speak as an advocate, an unashamed fan of this software package. But with this in mind, I also ought to add that I am without any experience of the main rival package for Mac users, Accordance (

That is enough disclosure for one day. Here are a few annotated screen shots to whet your appetite for what is to follow:


This screen shot above is of the basic interface (four columns, now, not three as in my earlier version). The screen below is of the BW Diagramming Module, which can be rather helpful in laying out exegetical possibilities.



At 7/01/2013 6:27 PM, Anonymous theo student said...

too hard to use... bought BW9 at great expense... now back to e-Sword


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