Sunday, November 02, 2008

Margaret Barker to visit St Paul’s Theological Centre

Tomorrow we at St Paul's (and St Mellitus) have the privilege of enjoying Margaret Barker as a guest lecturer on our second year Bible and Theology course. She will speak about Temple theology. Here are some of the facts that I will mention by way of introduction, much of which is adapted from her own webpage:

  • She read theology at the University of Cambridge, and now has approximately 13 books to her name. And there is a new book either to be or just freshly published, namely Christmas. The Original Story.
  • In July 2008 Margaret Barker was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by the Archbishop of Canterbury 'in recognition of her work on the Jerusalem Temple and the origins of Christian Liturgy, which has made a significantly new contribution to our understanding of the New Testament and opened up important fields for research.'

Something about the things she has been involved with.

  • In 1998 she was greatly honoured and elected President of the Society for Old Testament Study.
  • She is currently the Editor of the Society's Monograph Series.
  • 1997, she has been part of the symposium Religion, Science and the Environment, convened by the Orthodox Church's Archbishop of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, the Ecumenical Patriarch.

Pretty impressive, really. While I personally disagree with quite a few of her proposals, there is no doubting that she is a uniquely creative author, spotting all kinds of interesting conceptual connections that all the rest have not even noticed. And the breadth of her grasp of the primary literature is simply stunning. I’ll try to remember to take some snaps!


At 11/02/2008 10:08 PM, Anonymous Jim said...

you'll love her. she's fantastic!

At 11/02/2008 11:34 PM, Anonymous jeremy said...

Are you planning to record the lecture?

At 11/03/2008 6:41 AM, Anonymous Michael Barber said...


Thanks for putting the pic up--I had no idea what she looks like.

Sorry I'm missing out!

At 11/03/2008 9:58 AM, Anonymous Terry said...

I'm also worried about your blog's word verification thingie - I was required to type in 'St Sperm' for this post!

At 11/03/2008 9:58 AM, Anonymous Terry said...

You missed her a couple of weeks ago at Deep Church, Chris. But she's involved with Saturday's Temple Studies Group in Oxford - are you going?

Oh, and Christmas is now out.

At 11/03/2008 10:48 AM, Anonymous victor220 said...

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At 11/03/2008 6:39 PM, Anonymous Terry said...

And now 'perkeeni'.

Sorry to spam you, Chris, but I'm getting a kick out of this!

At 11/03/2008 6:39 PM, Anonymous Terry said...

It's a bit worrying that following my thing about 'St Sperm', you had someone posting about what you shot today... Anyway, this time the word verification thingie wants me to type 'fersh'.

At 11/03/2008 9:50 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Hi Terry, thanks for the laugh!
No, I'm not going to Oxford for those meetings - no time.


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