Friday, September 07, 2007

On Angels - Quote of the Day

It has been enjoyable to read the unfolding discussion in the previous post. Thanks to you all for your input! I haven’t gotten involved in the discussion as I am still on holiday and am not next to the computer as much. Indeed, this lazy-sod-holiday-mode continues until the end of next week. However, sadly Anja had to return to Germany today, so I am all alone. *sobs*

Ergo more posting.

In the last few days there have been some brilliant posts over on Faith and Theology. My only problem is that the theologising all tends to be a bit shallow - a problem I seek to remedy today with my quote of the day:
“Only God knows when [angels] were created, but it must have been before the creation of the world, because while God was flinging down fjords and rolling out rivers, the angels were singing and shouting for joy. A bit like having the radio on while you’re working” (Nick Page, The Big Story, London: Authentic, 2007: p. 13)


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