Monday, May 28, 2007

Ad Hominem for the day

My blog, Chrisendom, is getting into trouble again.

Thomas Ice, Executive Director of the Pre-Trib Research Center in Wash. D.C, slanders Chrisendom as 'anti-semitic'!

Sort of.

(Cf. the second major subheading on this page)


At 5/28/2007 11:33 PM, Anonymous mike said...

I didn't know you were that old...

At 5/29/2007 1:28 AM, Anonymous Jim said...

I think what I said about the witless dolt's in the post above applies here too.

For some reason your blog is an idiot magnet (in that it attracts a lot of attention from the witless). I think it's because they are offended when their idiocy is pointed out so clearly.

After all, the one thing the devil can't stand is mocking.

At 5/29/2007 2:25 PM, Anonymous Ben Myers said...

That's priceless! (This guy is such a good speller that he must be one of them book lerners....)

At 5/29/2007 8:54 PM, Anonymous Roberto said...

Wow. Just that one of the headings is "The Road to Holocaust" speaks volumes.

At 5/30/2007 11:21 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

"For some reason your blog is an idiot magnet"

No comment!

At 6/06/2007 9:36 PM, Anonymous Glenn said...

This is just too funny! Someone needs to help Mr. Ice. =)


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