Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Thank you for those who responded to the last post. I will chew over your helpful thoughts and try to interact with them soon. Unfortunately, I wasted far too much time today following the fourth game of the chess match between Kramnik and Topalov, and so I cannot really justify much blogging time tonight.

And after all that, sadly Topa only managed a draw with the white pieces. His usual aggression seemed to be drained out of him by the results of his attacks in the first two games, a conclusion implied by his failure to push the pawn to e4 at crucial moments in today’s middle-game.


At 9/28/2006 4:22 AM, Anonymous danielbradley said...

Well, he certainly went for the throat early on (with the pawn sac and all), but that immobile e4 pawn allowed Spamnik to do what he does best: 1/2-1/2!!

BTW: Do you think it would have made any difference if 48. Qxc4 instead of Raxc4.?

Praying for Toppy's psychological rejuvenation,

At 9/29/2006 1:07 AM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

True, I forgot about his Bf3. He was lively at the start.

I didn't analyse the Qxc4 line in depth, but my engine assured me this was stronger. Topy played Raxc4 quickly. What did ou think?

Amen to your prayers!

At 9/29/2006 7:40 AM, Anonymous danielbradley said...

Too quickly, I agree. Raxc4 f4 basically allowed Black to simplify, whereas Qxc4 would have at least maintained a slight advantage for White.

I'm hoping and praying (in my private prayer language) for better things tomorrow :)


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