Saturday, August 05, 2006


Thank you all for your excellent and thought-provoking comments on my last couple of posts!

Sadly, I cannot respond to them now (though I’ve read them) for the simple reason that I have been, and will be for the rest of the night, busy packing. I’m off, very early tomorrow morning to Portugal for a week’s holiday!

Needless to say, I won’t be blogging during next week, but I shall return Monday the 14th to continue my universalism series, respond to your comments, and to publish Gregory MacDonald’s ‘Guest post’ introduction and overview of his book.

Until then, I leave you with another ‘guess the author’ question. I am continually astonished that my previous attempts were guessed so quickly, so this time I’ve made it more difficult. Who wrote these words?:

‘The desire for wisdom that philosophy etymologically is is a desire for the highest or divine causes. Philosophy culminates in theology. All other knowledge contains the seeds of contemplation of the divine’
The first to guess correctly will be showered with the usual praise. In fact, I'll even, if you get this one, start a village cult in your honour; and if you're first, I'll name my first-born child after you.

I wish you all a wonderful week.


At 8/06/2006 3:23 AM, Anonymous byron smith said...

Have a good trip.

At 8/06/2006 9:27 AM, Anonymous dan said...

I'll take a stab at the quote. Aquinas? If it's not Aquinas then it's got to be somebody who is engaging with Aquinas... perhaps Milbank?

At 8/06/2006 11:24 AM, Anonymous steph said...

Chris Tilling because he is the only one who said 'is' twice. Have fun at the beach.

At 8/06/2006 6:23 PM, Anonymous john mcbryde said...

I'll fire off a shot in the dark.

How about: Jacques Maritain?

Have a great trip.


At 8/07/2006 12:27 AM, Anonymous T.B. Vick said...

Enjoy your trip!

At 8/07/2006 7:39 AM, Anonymous Jeff said...

My guess: Gregory Palamas.

At 8/10/2006 10:02 AM, Anonymous danielbradley said...

How about...Merold Westphal?

Enjoy your holiday,


At 8/11/2006 11:29 AM, Anonymous Simon said...

Sounds like Helena Petrovna Blavatsky to me. Have fun.

At 8/11/2006 9:29 PM, Anonymous Austin Agape said...

I wish you a good trip. I thought I'd leave a note and tell you that I really enjoy your blog.

At 8/14/2006 8:06 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Thank you all for kind words and suggestions - reults to be shortly published.


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