Friday, June 30, 2006

Monday's paper

I’m presenting a paper on the Christology of 1 Cor 8-10 on Monday, and I thought I’d finished it, done and dusted, ready for a visit from friends from South Africa. However, on Tuesday afternoon, before our friends arrived, I thought I’d give the paper a quick proof-read for typos etc., and to my horror, I realised that I had written a pile of steaming dung, a sweating mound of putrefaction, a virus populated mass of inadequacy, a seweresque heap of laughability ...

Panic set in.

I was so stressed by the original state of the first part of my paper, I even gave someone who beeped me on the motorway, ‘the finger’ – to the shocked astonishment of my wife in the passenger seat. Shame welled up for a while, until I saw the funny side!

I’ve gone through things now and have, I hope, salvaged a decent argument, perhaps even a good one, but it was looking a bit shaky in places. Alas, the torture of being your own worst critic.
But, at least we all know what biblioblogging is all about: sound, serious, academic exchange between learned seekers of truth.


At 6/30/2006 5:48 AM, Anonymous Matthew D. Montonini said...

Would it be possible to send me some of your work? I would be honored to read what you have done thus far. I know about being your own worst critic. It's definitely a tough task when you have been immersed in a thesis or dissertation for awhile. Sometimes another set of eyes does the trick.

At 7/01/2006 11:24 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for your interest in my work. Perhaps you could e-mail me your e-mail address.


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