Friday, April 07, 2006

Biblical Studies Discussion List

I don’t know if anybody realised, but I made a subtle mention of my AMAZON WISHLIST in my last post.


Anyway, tonight I wanted to make mention of the ‘Biblical Studies Discussion List’, moderated by Dr. Jim West and Dr. Bruce K. Gardner.

As stated on the homepage, ‘In sum, we are here to discuss and debate (in a cordial way of course) matters of biblical interpretation. The Bible is our focus, and those methodological tools which bear on its interpretation’

Actually, it may well be the best internet discussion list, and there are some big names on the members list.

They also have a chat room, with which perhaps biblio-bloggers of the world could unite to use as an open debate forum every now and then. Just an idea.

While speaking of things JW related, I wanted to share some of my favourite ‘Jim rants’ from his blog.

On the recent report on the Dan Brown / Michael Baigent case:
‘it simply doesn't matter if he stole the idea or not. If he did, he stole a pile of manure, and if he didn't, he made up a pile. In either case, since both books are manure-esque, whether or not Brown took it or not is less than a mole-hill.’

On Ms Hilton (my favourite):
‘And finally, from the “no one really cares, nor should they” category of events, Paris Hilton, overindulged spoiled rich brat trollop turns 25 today.’

Short and sharp: ‘Pat, dude, retire. Your mind has left you.’

And finally: ‘Yikes! And THESE are the kind of people that the Christian Zionists are in bed with. Double yikes. Such madness hasn't really been seen since the Nazi's, has it?’


I love a blog that says what it means, and means what it says, which brings me back to the FIRST SENTENCE in this post.

Click here to join biblical-studies
Click to join biblical-studies


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