Tuesday, January 24, 2006


1) Tonight’s Neues Testament Kolloquium in Tübingen’s Theologicum was easily one of the most fascinating I’ve ever attended. Thoroughly invigorating, actually.

A certain G. Holtz presented a paper on ‘Inclusivism at Qumran’ which was not only a superbly written paper, but one that has deeply challenged the way I think of the Qumran community. Apart from the fact that it was useful to have had Lichtenberger’s expertise to help on some of the finer points of Dead Sea Scroll analysis, it was simply the general thrust of the paper that was so thought provoking – turning not a few of my assumptions on their head. Some of the issues that were thrown up in the process helped to provoke me and my dear friend Volker Rabens into busy theological discussion till considerably later than planned.

2) Some of you may have noticed that I’ve added a ‘Single of the Week’ to my sidebar (any excuse to include a couple of dancing yellow muppets). To hear my weekly choice you’ll need to have iTunes installed, and if my music taste is not to your liking then I’d suggest a rigorous course of fasting and prayer for healing and deliverance.

3) Lastly, I came across this interesting article on jesus.de today: Islamischer Theologe: “Wir müssen unser Gottesbild ändern” – worth a read.


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